Second game released: Rise of the blocks

I’m pleased to announce my second game released on the android platform:
Rise of the blocks. The game is a clone of the acclaimed puzzel game Tettris attack from Nintendo that appeared on the SuperNintendo system. You can find it on Google Market/Playground, go download it now!

The game will be available both in free ad-supported and paid versions.

The game features two different game modes: versus and puzzle.

In versus mode you can play both againts the computer, or against a friend over bluetooth or online connections. The game consists of two players, each one has it’s own board. On the board tiles of several colors rise, faster and faster as times goes by, when a player swipes a tile on the board, this tile is switched with the tile on the side. If there is not a tile below, it falls down due to gravity. When vertical or horizontal rows of tiles of the same color are matched, the row disappears. When a tile reaches the top player loses. When a player makes a good move, a brick falls on the other player board.  The better the move the bigger the board so plan carefully your moves in order to win!

In Puzzle mode there are 120 stages, with increasing dificulty. I challenge to reach level 120 if you can! The game here consists on clearing all bricks in a preset number of moves. The beginning seems easy but don’t be fooled, this game is fun, difficult and addictive alltogether!

The game is translated to english, spanish, italian, french german, portuguese, german and japanese (translated with Google Translator).

downloads and screenshots:



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